We equip teenagers with digital skills needed to thrive in the 21st century

One of our biggest goal in DesignIT Africa is to equip teenagers, especially the ones in high school, with the knowledge of tech and expose them to the skills and opportunities they can explore as young people.

With the quest of equipping teenagers with digital skills, we run the following programmes

TECH-A-TOUR is an awareness project where we tour high schools around Nigeria, other African Countries and even globally to reach high school students with the gospel of tech and open their eyes to the possibilities in tech and how they can harness them to fit into the fast evolving world.It's all about Young People, tech, tours and Impact.

Technology is powerful, but to us at DesignIT Africa, It's even more powerful when it becomes a tool for Changemakers, professionals and world class leaders in different sectors.

Our tech summits and hackathons are virtual and physical events that bring all these classes of people together to share knowledge, experiences and stories that will spur collaboration, impact, Growth and efficiency championed by technology

Every year, DesignIT Africa recruits 20 - 25 young scholars for training on IT skills like coding, digital marketing and graphic design. These skills are coupled with leadership and entrepreneurial skills so that, upon graduation, our scholars can utilize the skills gained for community development while attaining financial freedom.

Our Sustainability plan allows us to offer the following services

Content Development
Digital Marketing
Web Design
Graphics Design

Support us on our quest, make impact today!

You can support us at DesignIT Africa by volunteering to work with us or by donating money to sponsor our events.

Here's what scholars say about us

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about DesignIT Africa.

We render IT services to people and other businesses out there. Our services include design, digital marketing and web development.

Money gotten from our services are used to fund our other events geared towards equipping young scholars with tech skills. By requesting our services, you are helping a kid gain access to tech resources.

We try our best to compensate our volunteers by providing them with some stipend. This is however not on a regular basis. We also organize hangout sessions from time to time so that our volunteers can even bond more together.

By applying to be a scholar for our annual training program which is usually launched around November, every year.


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